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Working with the resistance within

When you really want to do something or keep up with a goal or habit, yet you keep finding resistance within you, take a pause.

The reason for the resistance is that what you are trying/want to do is going against another part in your system that has a different agenda or need and might perceive that move as a threat.

Think about what you want to do and tune in your body.

Observe which part is constricted or has resistance to that idea.

Listen to it and what it has to communicate to you.

In which way(s) can you can help that part feel safer or help them to fulfil their need? Stay with them and see if you can give to them what they need.

When we hold and provide for that part, it will not need to show up as strong resistance as we show that we care about it and that it is important.

Instead of pushing through the resistance which often occupies a lot of our energy to go against it, we can tune in and listen to what are the messages the part(s) that resist are trying to communicate with us, from a place of curiosity.


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