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I was always intrigued and curious about the human psyche and as I was searching to find answers to my questions, everything was directing me back to myself as a calling to reconnect with what is true within me and to clear what was not. When we understand and heal ourselves, our relationship with our environment then also changes, as we change the stories which we tell ourselves about our realities. 

The way I conduct my sessions is a blend of Life Coaching, NLP + Hypnotherapy and at the same time using Human Design as a guide of self-awareness on the side, to help my clients align with their innate energies and connect to their gifts and what they bring to this world. 

All of the above are tools that I have been also using in my personal growth and have been of tremendous value to both myself and my clients.


If you felt called to heal your blocks, align and connect with yourself to remember your greatness, check the options below ✨


*The sessions can be held in English or Greek.

Human Design Life Coaching Session

Coaching Session

 In our time together we will work on the blocks that keep you stuck from creating the reality that you want.

We will work through subconscious limitations and the patterns which are causing resistance within yourself and your experiences in life and/or with other people around you using a blend of NLP & Life Coaching.

The aim of these sessions is to help you let go of what no longer serves you and gain more clarity, heal and align with yourself so that you experience more flow with life.


You are here to express your own uniqueness. 


Human Design Recording 

This is a fully detailed and focused exploration of your Human Design chart going in-depth over your unique energies, your gifts, talents and potential challenges.

This video recording covers everything you need to know about your unique way of operating in the world so that it enhances your self-awareness and brings a reconnection to your innate self-expression.



Connect & Align Journey

In these 5 sessions we will take a journey together into self-discovery so that you can overcome the blocks that keep you stuck and so that you align with your higher expression.

The aim of these sessions is to help you gain more clarity, heal and connect with yourself so that you experience more flow with life and step into your greatness.

These sessions will focus on the area(s) of your concern that you would like to work on providing you with a 1:1 coaching support on your de-conditioning journey back to yourself.


Human Design PDF


This is a personally customized PDF 

of your Human Design Chart and analyzes:

How you best operate energetically + make decisions 

(Type, Strategy + Authority)

The way you embody your energy 

(Profile + Definition)

The points and areas where you bring and receive energy 

towards and from the world around you

(Channels + Energy Centers)

What's the best way + environment for you 

to intake food and information

(Digestion + Cognition + Environment)

Your Life's Focus/Theme

(Incarnation Cross)


Human Design Chart.png