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Case Study: Fear of Being Seen

When Emily came to work with me she had recently started her own business which she was very passionate about as she really wanted to help others with her services, but she felt stuck in putting herself out there and found it very difficult to record videos of herself, which she wanted to do to improve her reach and help more people.

When we explored what was going on around this, Emily said that even though she really wanted to record herself sharing her message, when she would try to do so she would feel frozen, procrastinate & not taking action and then she would be judging herself because of that.

Then I guided her through an NLP/Timeline Therapy process where she made the connection to the fear that kept coming up for her every time she was about to record herself and post online and she saw that there was a deep fear of being seen which she was carrying throughout her life, it was very familiar to her.

We found the initial event(s) that created this fear in her and it stemmed all the way back to her early years where she saw that often when she would be on the spotlight and she was seen, she would receive criticism about what she was doing wrong and therefore created this belief that she should not be seen, as when she was seen, she would be rejected and that hurt her. So her system had recorded this information that it is safer to hide and not be seen to keep her safe.

In the session, she helped her inner child from that time to be witnessed, heard and supported. That was very important as subconsciously she was holding on to what was not expressed at that time and it was showing up in her adult life. Then she helped her inner child feel accepted and celebrated for who she is. She provided safety for her and whatever else she needed.

After this Emily felt a big inner shift and started feeling a lot safer to record videos of herself sharing her work and putting herself out there on a frequent basis, as now her system was updated with the new information that it can be safe to do so and therefore grow her business.

When we want to achieve our goals and we find ourselves stumbling across the same blocks time and time again, this happens because our system is trying to protect us in some way - according to what information it had received in the past in relation to this subject or something similar.

Now that we are adults we can work with these past programs that don't serve us anymore -while acknowledging their purpose as it has been very important- and then helping our system update with new information that it was not aware of and which will support it in our path. 💫

*Original name has been changed.


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