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Do you try to be more confident?

Confidence is not something to strive for or create within you.

Confidence is what comes up naturally in your expression when you feel that it is ok to be yourself.

We lose touch with our confidence when we have learned that being ourselves is not enough or safe, and we have to be something else in order to fit in.

If as a child you learned that you are not allowed to make mistakes, that you have to be perfect in order to be accepted i.e you're not good enough as you are, or if you were criticised for your natural expression, chances are that you might have lost contact with your natural confidence that is beneath all this programming.

When you identify the stories that get in the way between you and your natural confidence and inquire with the parts in you that hold them, you will see that they are not serving you anymore as they once did to help you to survive.

Now you can change the narrative and reconnect with you natural expression and confidence that lives within you and longs to come out. Your inner self is innately confident when allowed to be expressed freely and just be. 💫


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