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Why do we get addicted to certain habits/behaviors?

When you notice a certain addiction to something, a behaviour or a habit, ask yourself: What is this offering me that I cannot seem to find somewhere else?

For example if a person is addicted to chocolate/sweets it might be because of the good feel of pleasure that they get from it that they cannot get from their relationships. This then becomes more important than the side effects of potentially gaining weight or harming our health.

Then the part of them that wants to lose weight will be activated and will shame the part that reaches out for the sweets. When we stay in the shame, we cannot easily see the reason for the existence of the habit we want to change.

The things we find ourselves addicted to are serving us in some way by fulfilling a need that has not been met otherwise. ⁣

That doesn't mean that there aren't other ways we can fulfil our needs, but first, we need to get curious and understand these parts of us that are leading us to certain behaviors/habits as this will take away a lot of the resistance to that change we are trying to bring into our lives. ⁣


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