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When do changes actually take place?

What is it that usually drives us to make the changes we want in ourselves and therefore in our lives? ⁣ My journey of personal development mainly started when I really felt like I had enough of certain situations in my life which were going against my values and my inner nature. I realised that some of the things I was doing or some of the ways I was thinking were influenced by my environment and it felt like that was not who I really was. ⁣ When my need to change became larger than my need to stay the same - doing the same things and thinking in the same ways which were not getting me where I wanted to be - that’s when everything started to slowly fall into place. ⁣ That push from a deeper part of me led me to look within myself and do the inner dive I was until then avoiding, only to discover that underneath the uncomfortable emotions there was so much of my true self hiding and which only felt familiar to get in touch with in the end. I had confused the conditioned self for who I was, even though it didn’t feel right. ⁣ The process of self discovery felt like returning home to myself, a self who was always there, below all the layers of what wasn’t really mine. I didn’t know how I would do it at that time, I just knew that I couldn’t keep doing things the way I had until then. My drive to change brought me to the right resources, people and circumstances which assisted me in this journey. If I didn’t have the desire to actually change what was not working for me, no matter who appeared on my way or whatever I would read or come across at, possibly wouldn’t have been effective as I would not have let myself get immersed into the ongoing experience of self discovery. ⁣ When the decision to change comes from a genuine willingness to expand and explore the possibilities of where the human experience can take us, driven from a knowing that there’s more to us than what we’ve been telling ourselves, the rest will follow alongside that. ⁣

Do you feel that your need to change what doesn’t serve you is greater than the need to keep experiencing the same things in your life? 💫


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