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Signs that you are not freely being yourself

-You put your needs aside to do what someone else wants without really wanting to

-You often find yourself not trusting your own intuition and rely on others to decide for you

-You say yes when you want to say no

-You do things because of others' expectations rather than your own decisions

-You feel like you have to always be nice

-You stop yourself from expressing your truth because of what others might say

We might not realise how often we put ourselves aside as this is learned programming from our past where we came to believe that in order to belong or to be accepted we needed to suppress our natural expression. ⁣

This is different from genuinely giving and offering from a full place while taking care of ourselves as well.

We may believe that it's not important to give to ourselves and to listen to our needs but in the longterm this self-abandonment leads to stress, anxiety and often physical discomfort.

Your needs & wants are just as important as everyone else's. When you give to yourself as well, you can better give to others when it feels right for you to do so.⁣


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