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Goals and Self Worth

When we want to achieve a goal and get to a specific point in life, it’s useful to wonder what are our motives behind reaching this goal. ⁣ Are we going for it because we believe that once we get to that point and accomplish something, our worth will increase? That we will be more of this and more of that and that we will be more worthy and deserving of people’s love, attention and acceptance? ⁣ Attaching our self-worth to a goal means that we depend on an outside circumstance to define who our inner being is. If we do not achieve that goal would that actually say something about our value, or rather that something needs to be redefined/changed in order for us to get where we want? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In such cases we can look at what is actually the deeper meaning of the goal we have. If this accomplishment can have a positive impact on others and the world in general, we can focus on the outcome of the contribution rather than ourselves. ⁣ What is the message we want to convey or which of our values does our goal represent? Connecting with these parts of a goal can help us stay more focused on the bigger picture. ⁣ As the word to describe us is human beings rather than human doings, our worth is purely reflected by our existence and not by what we do or how much we accomplish.💫 ⁣⁣


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