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Operating from the Inside - Out

How often do you let external circumstances or other people determine how you are feeling? ⁣ When we give away the control of how we feel internally to something outside of us it means we are choosing to operate from an external place of control where we let something other than us direct our inner state of being . How would it feel if we started operating from an internal place of control? ⁣ When we take full responsibility for ourselves and realise that in every situation which we are facing we come across an opportunity for growth, this can lead us to become more empowered and in control of how we are feeling.⁣ This can happen when we explore which specific emotions are being triggered within us when in contact with certain situations instead of focusing on blaming others or the situation itself. The reason that these triggers affect us, is the meaning we chose to give about certain circumstances usually when growing up when we didn’t have a critical and objective way of thinking.

For example if we have arranged to meet with a person and they cancel our meeting we might feel upset or sad because we interpreted this as rejection while in reality they could have just had something urgent happening to them that they had to deal with. In this case it wasn’t the other person that created those emotions within us but rather the meaning which we chose to give to their action. This usually comes from the earlier years in our lives in which we interpreted the actions of people around us as rejection and now the current circumstances around us act as triggers and mirror these beliefs of the past.

Now these situations are calling us to revisit this meaning and if it is not serving us, to change it and essentially change the stories we tell ourselves which therefore affect our experiences. ⁣ When we operate from an internal place of control, we will find that we are more calm and balanced in relation to what’s happening outside of us and therefore we can deal with situations in a more effective way. ⁣🌟


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