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Living life according to our own maps

We often get caught up in a cycle of doing things which we think that other people expect from us to do. We try to be someone else just to satisfy another person’s tick box of how we should be like and live our lives according to their’s or society’s expectations.

Does this truly help us live happy and fulfilling lives?

We might believe that when we do/accomplish something specifically and when we are like this or that person, all our problems will be solved and we will be happy and fulfilled because others will accept us.

But is that really the case, or when we do make these things happen we then try to find the next thing that has to be accomplished and only then we will be accepted and experience happiness?

We find ourselves trapped in this endless chase, postponing our fulfilment somewhere in the future behind things we should do or be according to others. We put aside our true self, our dreams and passions just to “fit in” with society or people.

If we ponder on this a little, these people whom we are trying to get the acceptance from, are they accepting themselves first? If they were, would they expect from us to be in a certain way? Or would they want us to also accept ourselves and be who we truly want to be within us.

Considering the limitations that these people might have, helps us to understand better that their expectations have nothing to do with us. This is rather about them and the expectations they have from themselves which they then project on others.

Each person in this world is their own unique self and has their own path and passions to follow. How possible is it for someone else to know what we as unique human beings should do or be?

True acceptance can only come from within our own selves and nothing outside of us. In order to start accepting ourselves, we can look inside of us to get to know who we truly are and discover our true nature. That way we will experience fulfilment which cannot be affected by what other people think or do.


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