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How much do we let our expectations affect our experiences?

Our experiences and the ways we are feeling about people are often guided by our expectations. We have all experienced situations in which we expected things to be how we had them in our minds, only to discover that maybe that wasn’t the case. ⁣

How much does this interfere with our reality? ⁣

This happens mainly when we let our emotional and inner state be determined by the circumstances around us. We sometimes invest in an experience or a person to make us feel in a certain way. ⁣

But the truth is that we are the only ones responsible for how we are feeling. When we depend on external factors to make us feel good or bad, we lose the power which we have over ourselves. ⁣

Taking responsibility for how we will react towards our experiences is empowering us to have more control over our life than when we depend on other situations to determine that for us and leave us disappointed at times.

When we explore and get to know ourselves, we feel more grounded within and therefore the ups and downs from experiences in our lives are more balanced. Then we know that no matter what happens on the outside, it doesn’t change who we are internally and that is enough to help us move around in life with more ease and consciousness over ourselves. ⁣⁣🌟


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