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How much do our beliefs influence our life experiences?

Let me use a personal example:

As a child I really didn't see myself as being creative, in fact I was quite convinced that creativity is not something I possess much as a skill.

I had this belief because I was noticing children older than me to be more creative (due to their age) and believed that because cannot create in the same way or have the same result as them, that must mean that I'm not good at it.

I genuine believed this to be true based on what the 4 year old version of myself thought about the world at that time.

This then became the basis of information in my subconscious in relation to the subject of creativity for me. When we have any type of belief our minds will try and confirm it one way or another.

Adopting this belief at a very young age meant that I wasn't even letting myself try creative activities much, because in my mind there was no point as this is not

"my thing". Or whenever I would try something, I would be too quick to stop as my belief was so strong it would not let me explore the possibilities.

Until I discovered the root of this belief and reprocessed the memory to update my system, the belief was still very active in my adult life.

After processing it and changing it, space was created for me to reconnect with the energy of my natural creativity and I was pleasantly surprised with how freely it was now coming through me.

This allowed me to start being a lot more open to create, explore new things and discover this energy that I realised was always there inside of me but I was limiting it, holding on to that initial belief.

Our limiting beliefs are not objectively true, but for some parts of ourselves they are very true and feel very real, that is why they can have an effect in our everyday lives, but we can now change these programmings.

All of us have beliefs that influence our adult life, which were adopted when we were very young. This is because the basis of our subconscious mind is formed between the ages of 0-8.

When we explore, assess our limiting beliefs and change the stories we tell ourselves, we expand ourselves, reconnect with our innate energies and get to experience a lot more authenticity in life.⁣


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