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Fear towards our power

One of the reasons that we experience a fear towards embodying our own power is because we might have had a negative contact with power in the past and felt like it has to come with a weak-strong polarity, that in order for there to be power, someone has to be the weak one.

Being powerful - in your expression, doesn't mean that someone else has to be weak.

If this applies to you, it might be helpful to ask yourself: Where did you learn it is either one of the two? What has your experience been with being "powerful" or "weak"?

For example, you might have had experiences as a child where you were made to feel that the one who is expressing power is dominating others who seemingly are not so powerful and are made to feel "weak" and this dynamic was what formed your perception of power. This expression of power from someone is rooted in avoiding the feeling of feeling “weak” themselves and therefore they are making others feel weak, so it is sustaining and feeding this perception of power in this dynamic of powerful-weak.

You can own your inner power along with others doing the same in a healthy way, without anyone of the two compromising it or needing others to be weak in order to be powerful. 💫


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