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Expressing your truth

When you express and talk about what is in you, what you're thinking, how you're feeling etc. there is no space left to wonder about what was left unsaid.

When you share or express yourself, you increase the chances of deepening your connections with others who are truly there for you. You can invite conversations in and get to know others more and them you. But more importantly, you honour your truth.

However, that's not usually the case.

Many of us are very conscious about freely expressing ourselves even though we might be thinking things that we want to bring out and share or ask.

What stops us usually from expressing what we are thinking or feeling to others or to the world in general?

It's the fear of what other people will think of us.

The fear of creating conflict with them, especially if we are used to being the "peace makers".

The fear of losing them / being rejected.

How you can be more authentically yourself and share what is inside of vou with the world?

Find the parts in you that do not believe that expressing yourself is okay, because they surely have reasons to believe this, it probably was not safe in the past to do so.

Listen to them and support them. Then when you process the information that is coming up or the energies that are expressing, you access your authenticity more.

You retrieve the parts that wanted to speak but felt like they couldn't for so long.

You embrace and support them too.

Then when you are sharing from the place of your truth, you will be less concerned with what others will think of you as you will have given yourself the freedom to express and honour your truth, which will deepen the relationships with others that are right for you as well and will give them the motivation to also be themselves.

Having learned in your past that expressing yourself was not safe to do, has activated a protective mechanism that now does not let you freely be or express yourself.

This mechanism is brilliant as it has helped you avoid hurt in the past since you didn't know any other ways to deal with it.

The cost that this also comes with though, is the silencing of your expression, your unique voice and energy that you are meant to bring to this world along with experiencing meaningful and truthful connections with others.

Now that you are an adult you can help this mechanism not to work so hard and assist the parts of you that want to express by making your system feel safe again to do so with new ways that that protective mechanism is not yet aware of.

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