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Are you keeping yourself small?

How many ideas, potential, skills and inspirations have never been actualised because we often keep ourselves small and choose not to share them even though they might feel right within us?⁣⁣


We might be secretively telling ourselves that “this idea/goal/dream of mine is nothing special”, “who am I to do this”, “I don’t have anything important to contribute”, “other people are already doing this” etc. ⁣⁣


These thoughts often come around because we might not be trusting ourselves. We don’t trust that our truth and expression are meant to come out and we silence ourselves thinking that this way it is safer as we may risk too much otherwise. ⁣⁣


If we think of ourselves as the vessels that those expressions need to come through from, it takes a bit of that pressure off. ⁣⁣

We then need to start cultivating more trust towards ourselves and our inner guidance, this is usually what these doubts are calling us towards, as we possibly cut off that connection at some point in the past when we thought that it’s better not to express ourselves freely.⁣⁣


How many people have missed the opportunity to benefit from your authentic expression, who could have been impacted positively by your contribution in whatever form - through your ideas, art, creativity, innovation and anything you have an urge to express but instead talk yourself out of it? ⁣⁣


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