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Accepting your emotions

If you hold yourself back from showing your emotions or expressing how you feel because you are afraid that others will judge or reject you and that this will hurt, consider whether you are the one who is first rejecting yourself for how you are feeling. ⁣

Usually, when we find ourselves triggered from someone’s reaction, they are reflecting back to us how we feel towards ourselves on a deeper level. If we reject ourselves for experiencing certain emotions such as anger, fear or shame, we will be afraid that others will do that to us too, only because we are doing it to ourselves as well, so the hurt that we experience is actually from the self-rejection. ⁣

Accepting ourselves for how we feel is the first step towards healing, as doing so takes away the resistance that we feel internally towards emotions that we have been rejecting and allows us to let them express and to listen to the information they carry, which leads to our growth. ⁣

Emotions are just energy that is expressing through and is trying to communicate, it is not who you are but rather something that you experience. ⁣

When we have accepted our emotions and share how we feel from that place, we can then more deeply connect with people by sharing our experience, without any attachment to the outcome and feeling more freedom within.


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