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What is stopping you from becoming who you want to be?

Have you thought what is truly stopping you from doing the things that you love or from being the person you want to be? ⁣ Is it because of reasons such as “I don’t have the time”, “I don’t have the skills”, “I am not going to succeed at that”, “I am not good enough” etc.?⁣ Are these thoughts actually your own? Do you believe they come from your true self? ⁣ Or could it be that they got established as internalised voices from the people who were around you when you were growing up?⁣ If yes, how do you know that these voices were saying the truth? Could they have been based on these persons’ own limitations which they had been carrying from their childhood?⁣ So what is actually true for you?⁣ Very often we mistake our mind’s inner chatter for the one and only truth. But that is not always the case as these “truths” were formed in our early years.⁣ A time when our developmental stages could not allow us to grasp a critical and realistic understanding of things. We assumed that what was told to us was the truth and then we kept going ahead in life with these guides as maps. ⁣ If these guides are not working for us, we end up feeling stressed, frustrated and unfulfilled which can therefore show in our environment in relation to people around us and our lives in general as we find it difficult to get where we want to be. ⁣ The same happens at times when we adopt behaviours because we saw them being constantly implemented when we were young, without having thought if they actually represent us and our personal values. They rather come out unconsciously and automatically. ⁣ We can choose to be free of this old programming and decide for ourselves what we consciously like to implement in our lives by letting our true voice emerge from within us. ⁣


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