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The Conflicting Parts Within

When you really want to do something but you are putting it off, delaying it, sabotaging it or avoiding it, this is what might be happening:

1.You don't truly want to do it but rather feel like you have to, so the resistance is trying to help you rethink your options.

2.You really do want to do it but the same goal does not serve another part of you that has a different perspective on it.

If the case is no.2 here is how this could look like:

A part of you is motivated to join some classes/events/hobbies/activities and expand your social circle and experiences.

While at the same time another part of you is afraid that expanding yourself to new people and experiences also increases the risk of feeling rejected and getting hurt.

Both of these parts want to protect you.

The first part wants you to grow and expand and

it might also believe this will take you away from feeling alone or unwanted for example.

The second part that is preventing you from making the move or avoids it, wants to keep you safe from

potentially experiencing rejection and therefore feeling alone/unwanted.

Some more examples:

  • A part of you wants to lose weight as it believes this is a way to feel more loved while another part of you believes that if it does this it will lose on the love it feels like it receives through eating a lot of food.

  • A part of you has this cool idea for a new business and it can see how this would lead to success, while another part of you is afraid as this would mean coming across more attention, responsibility, fear of failure etc and it puts it off to keep you safe from the above.

Many times such conflicting parts of us have a similar intention for us and ultimately do their best with the information that they have, to protect us even though their ways are often completely opposite to each other's.

As a result we experience this constant push and pull as we switch from part to part and feel stagnant and frustrated.

Getting to know each part and exploring where it is coming from with a curious approach, can help us get to know ourselves more and to better solve such conflicts when they arise as they can most often point us to our soul growth.


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