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Repeating Old Patterns / Breaking The Cycle

Most of us when we enter into adulthood, we already have absorbed many tendencies, ways of thinking, behaviours etc. from the people who influenced us when growing up. ⁣ We then usually unconsciously start repeating these behaviours and ideologies which we have picked up and we let them show in our everyday lives and relationships with others. ⁣ Have we considered whether the places from which we are reacting or thinking are actually representing our true selves within? If we are subconsciously repeating the same patterns as those of the people who were around when we were younger, then is this going to bring about any different results than these which have been already created? ⁣ When we start increasing our self awareness in terms of how we behave and how we react, we might find that we don’t agree with many of our actions or our thoughts on a deeper level. The reason that we “borrowed” other people’s views and ways of thinking was possibly because our own ones were rejected when we were young and we thought that in order to be accepted we need to adopt the ways that others use in life. ⁣ Now as adults we usually have two possible options to go forward. One is to repeat the cycle and continue with the transferred beliefs and behaviours of other people or the second one to break the cycle and open up to new outcomes. If we choose the first one, we kind of already know the result as it will most likely be similar to how it has been so far. ⁣ But if we choose the second way, breaking the cycle, this will only give room for new opportunities and possibilities of evolution, ultimately leading us to growth and fulfilment. By choosing to end the repetition of transferred behaviours which are not serving us, we also have the chance to not only impact our lives for the better, but also the next generations to come. ⁣💫


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