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Reframing Laziness

"Laziness" is just a natural side effect of either:

Not wanting to do something that doesn't truly fulfil us so it is essentially a message to review our choices so that we go towards what we do want


If it does fulfil us but we are not doing it, usually the fear of failing at it (or succeeding at it) is holding us back. Assessing which of the two is the cause, we can then work with it and shift our experience

Fear of failure and success are usually interconnected and can look like this:

We fear that success might be overwhelming or too much for us and that we will not be able to handle it - so we might fail.

We fear that more success will mean more visibility and we feel uncomfortable with being seen, as this might mean more chances to be criticised - so we might fail.

We fear that success will mean more responsibility and we are not sure if we can take it on -so we might fail.

So even though a part of us might want success, other parts might oppose it to keep us safe and in the comfort zone to avoid failing

When we work with these parts that want to keep us safe and re-train our system to increase its safety capacity, we will be taking more steps towards our goal with more ease and flow.

Laziness is often connected to shame and criticism, whether that comes from other people or our inner judge. If we carry on this perception, we miss out on the insights that can come through laziness - whether that is the need to rest, reassess our options, or support the parts in us that might not feel safe moving forward. 💫


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