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Putting our needs/wants aside

We learn very early to abandon ourselves when from a young age we are shown that in order to be loved and accepted in our environment we need to do things in a certain way or to please others and act according to their expectations, as otherwise we fear we will be rejected. ⁣

By doing this though, what we actually subscribe to is codependency and a constant silencing of ourselves and our authentic nature. This does not really provide us with the true unconditional connection and acceptance we desire either, but it rather keeps us imprisoned in this loop of constantly trying to act in certain ways, which if we ask ourselves honestly we are not really happy with, as that means we are suppressing other parts of ourselves to do that. ⁣

We suppress our creative part, our fun part, our spontaneous part, and all the other parts that want to freely express themselves. ⁣

Observing and realising that we might have adopted patterns of people-pleasing and leaving ourselves behind, helps us to shift the attention inwards to now becoming the one who unconditionally and fully loves & accepts ourselves so that we do not depend to receive this from external circumstances under terms and conditions that go past our inner truth.

This as a result brings us more open and honest relationships with others, where we can share true connections and enjoy them based on who we really are. ⁣💫


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