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Communicating Openly

During our everyday encounters with loved ones, we might at times get frustrated or angry with them because they don’t seem to understand us.

We might expect people to read our minds and wait for them to act according to what we are thinking about, but also get upset with them because they don’t do so.

But have we taken the time to explain to them openly and honestly exactly what we have in our minds and how we feel and see things? Since each person is different and has different a mindset, needs and experiences, it’s usual that different people will be thinking different things about the same subjects.

When we try to first understand ourselves, we can then more easily communicate our thoughts to other people and therefore increase our chances of being understood and achieve connection on a deeper level. If we just expect from others to read our minds, we might have to wait for a long time - even forever until we can improve our relationships and experience more fulfilment and connection with the people in our lives.

If we fall into the trap of accusing others and waiting for them to make the steps needed towards us, we lose the power we have over ourselves since each person can only be responsible for their own actions and behaviours. So the question is what is in our power when it comes to dealing with a situation? Taking responsibility for our selves and expressing our inner world to others but also trying to understand them are some of the tools we can use to improve a relationship with our loved ones.

Next time you find yourself blaming someone for not understanding, it might be useful to notice whether you have tried to communicate honestly and authentically with them. When we take the step to be clear with others, we also inspire them to do the same towards us. 🌟


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