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When was the last time you listened to yourself?

If you find it difficult to answer this question, it is possible you might not be paying much attention to your inner voice or else, intuition.

Listening to ourselves is something most of us have not been taught within our environment when growing up, so we might be unsure as to what it means or how to do it.

There is a tendency to avoid this voice by not giving it space to express itself as this might make us feel uncomfortable.

But what if it has important information about who we are and the reason for its existence is to try and help us?

It often speaks to us through emotions or thoughts to either shine light on things that are no longer serving us, or to show us what we truly need. In both cases, the aim is to assist us in discovering our true qualities and endless possibilities.

Once our limitations are removed and the stories we choose to tell ourselves are changed into ones that serve us, we then can achieve our goals and find fulfilment in life.

How can we start listening more to our inner voice?

One way is by paying attention to our thoughts without getting too attached to them.

I like to think of thoughts as something that comes and goes. Are these thoughts for you or against you? If they are against you, are they saying the truth? How do you know? The point here is not to believe what the thoughts are saying but why they are saying it, how did they come to this conclusion. If these thoughts don’t serve you, your inner voice could be showing you what needs to be transformed. Meditating is a great tool to observe our thoughts even if we get to feel restless sometimes.

Observing our body’s feelings, i.e feeling uncomfortable, tensed, stressed or observing the body language in general can give us insights to what is bothering us and which thoughts are creating these states. For example when we feel uneasy in the presence of a specific person or in certain situations, observing our body and which thoughts are leading to these responses can help to expand our awareness.

Being more expressive and talking about how we’re feeling can also help with tuning into our inner voice, as during the flow of expression we hear ourselves talking and we gather information about what is going on inside us. The same effect can be achieved through journalling.

Training the ability to listen to our intuition can bridge a gap that might be causing us to feel disconnected or uncomfortable with ourselves.


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