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Follow what inspires you

In order to experience more fulfilling lives, we can consider what are the things which we are drawn to and what situations we are tolerating and putting up with instead of following those things which inspire us. ⁣ What makes you glad to be alive? ⁣ We all have one or more interests that drive us in a different, more meaningful and deeper way than other activities or interactions.⁣ If you are unsure about what could the things that light you up be, have you given time and space to yourself to observe where you’re being pulled towards? ⁣ We often let our responsibilities, our work or the busyness of everyday life drag us in a constant loop of just getting by and we don’t let ourselves explore what excites us and fulfils us. Even just by slowly following the clues of the things that attract us can lead us in realising the bigger picture of what it is that truly makes us shine from within and what is calling us. ⁣ When we let ourselves tune into what inspires us, our gifts and talents can unfold and develop further in order to support us. Other times, in order to discover these parts of ours, we might need to unload ourselves from past hurts or burdens which do not allow us to create the space inside of us for these elements of fulfilment. ⁣ Usually whatever attracts us is in alignment with our values, so exploring what is important for us and what we value in life is a helpful way to navigate on what we want to call into our lives which will be meaningful for us. ⁣✨


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