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Compromising our truth

Many of the times that we are feeling uncomfortable in certain situations, it is usually an indication that we are compromising ourselves. ⁣

We might put up with things we don’t necessarily like and compromise our values in order to gain connection, acceptance, belonging etc. ⁣

What we lose if what we feel that we have to do or be is not genuinely coming from within ourselves, is much more precious than we might realise. ⁣

We end up rejecting ourselves and we believe we have to be something else to get somewhere or to achieve something. And when we do that, we feel uncomfortable, we feel a resistance because deep down we can sense something’s not right. ⁣

Those things that we subconsciously aimed for don’t even feel that fulfilling in the end as we deny parts of ourselves to gain them, so we automatically feel incongruent with ourselves. ⁣

We didn’t come here to be someone else, we came here to express our uniqueness. When we were born we knew we are enough, we knew how to be ourselves.⁣

Somewhere along the way, we might have come to believe that it is not safe to naturally express ourselves and our needs. What we can do now though is to tend to those parts of us, lovingly listen to them and their needs and give them attention and acceptance from within rather than seeking it externally.⁣

When you feel uncomfortable in a situation, ask yourself what am I compromising from my truth, my needs or feelings right now in order to be or present something else to others? ⁣


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