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Meditation is one of the ways which can help us with our process of going

inwards so that we discover the treasures we all have inside.

It can help us to meaningfully connect with ourselves and expand our awareness as we slow down from the busyness of the everyday life, to come closer and closer to the truth of who we really are and what we are capable of.

Emotional Release Meditation

Emotions are a form of energy which is holding valuable information for us. When we can observe this energy and understand the messages the emotions bring, we see that by embracing them we come closer to accepting ourselves lovingly, grow and evolve.


This meditation is created to help you tune into these emotions which keep appearing into your life again and again, so that you give them space to communicate

with you and help them be released. 

Love Connection Meditation

When we come in contact with the vibration of love and gratitude, we raise our own frequency. We open up the

center of our heart and experience more connection and acceptance towards others and towards ourselves.


This meditation is created to help you connect with your heart and cultivate a relationship with its frequencies, so that you can more easily tune into them when you feel like you want to deepen your experience.

Self Acceptance Meditation

Accepting ourselves is the greatest gift we can do for ourselves, as the more we develop self-acceptance, the more grounded and empowered we feel. If we depend on others to do that for us, that means we will always be waiting on something external in order to feel worthy, so we will be subject to the people and circumstances.


While when we are the ones who accept ourselves, we can navigate life from a much more stable ground. This meditation is created to help you practice with that. 

Inner Stillness Meditation

When we are keeping our body and mind constantly under tension, this doesn't let us access our inner stillness.

This short practice aims to help in releasing the tension from what is holding us back from centering ourselves and feeling calm and present in the moment.

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