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Welcome to a journey of
& transformation

Are you tired of being stuck in the same repetitive patterns?


Do you want to shift your experience but you

keep stumbling upon the same blocks?​


What if you were to create change from a holistic approach

that is kind to your system and brings a deepened



​These reoccurring patterns that you keep finding yourself

into are holding the key to your evolution and they are

the lights guiding you back home to yourself.​


You can bring understanding to your inner world, shift the narrative and transform these patterns into opportunities 

for growth.​


I can help you find these connections and overcome what gets

in your way while at the same time creating inner harmony

and moving towards where you want to be.​

Stefi Daskalopoulou 
Personal Development Guide


The places where you feel stuck are only trying to communicate important information with you as they want to show you what needs to be processed and supported in order for you
to move forward.

These are only some parts in your system rather than your whole self and essence. When you approach them from that lens, you give them the space to express and to give you the information that is needed so that you can help them.

Then, these parts will open up the space for you to create
the reality you desire from a place of safety and inner
flow rather than resistance and fighting against.

Behind the conditioning that we receive in our early years there lies our authentic self and when we untangle these patterns
we open up the connection to our creative and natural self
who is eagerly waiting to feel safe to be freely expressed.


In the 1:1 sessions I use tools such as Parts Work, NLP & Human Design that aim to help you transform the obstacles that get in your way, connect with your truth and bring the change that you want to experience in your life whether that's in your relationships, career

or connection with yourself.

In this work we will approach what you want to work with in a holistic way of fully taking into account your wholeness, acknowledging different sides of you, so that the change is fully encouraged

from your system. 


This process helps to reconnect/rediscover your own inner resources and self in an empowering way as well as  enhanced your sense of self-direction and reconnect with those qualities you had to disown in the past due to programming from society/caregivers etc.


By updating the perceptions that you have about situations - which is what actually determines how we experience life - then there is more inner space created to experience who you are beyond these programmings who tell you who you have to be.

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What People Say

"Stefi is a masterful coach who knows how to facilitate you in finding all the necessary answers inside yourself. I had a session with her that took me far deeper than I thought I would/could go. It is miraculous how much our thinking can change the way we are feeling!
She found good exercises to help me move forward and gave real value to the session.
If you are looking for someone who is genuinely warm and patient, 100% there for you,
Stefi is the person to contact!"


Sandra Lindermann

"Thank you Stefi for your work! Words can't describe how you have helped me. I had a breakthrough yesterday during our session and afterwards, feeling lighter and that things are changing for the better. You've been a great support on my healing journey, and we've only done two sessions so far. The information and help you've provided just feel so genuine and valuable for me. I truly hope more people can find you and benefit from your gifts and services. 💗 "


Franci Aureate

"Stefi is a caring, gentle, attuned and sincere person and she makes me feel heard and understood at all times, she is naturally and highly empathic. Stefi is someone who can gracefully help you with all you need from foundational inner work to see which direction to take next. I am grateful for the guidance

I received from her and would recommend her to anyone who is ready to evolve in any aspect of life. Thank you Stefi!"                                                                                  

Kira D.

"Stefi has a lovely manner that is a combination between gentle empathy and strong clarity. It actually was quite an exciting adventure! She was not only patient with my tendency to talk around three corners and four anecdotes to get my point, but I felt she was in each part of it with me, listening with warmth, interest and even enthusiasm. She guided me through stages of considering the issues from different sides.

She helped shift my perspective...not only the angle that I was looking from, but also the inner proximity which helped me evaluate how clearly or distortedly I was actually seeing the issue and, lastly, the levels on which I was experiencing or re-experiencing worries. It all went very deep very fast but never in a way that felt out of sync with my own healthy pace.

Thank you, Stefi, so much!!!"


Deirdre Siobhan Murphy

"I was lucky enough to have a Human Design session from dear Stefi.

Before, I only had the basic knowledge about it.

Stefi gave me guidance in such a gentle curious and humble way.

She explained in a very pedagogical way and made it easy for me to understand both human design and my self.

For me personally it helped a lot to get to understand my self better and it gave me the confidence to trust my intuition more.

Stefi has a lot of knowledge about Human Design but her sparkling personality was the thing making my session awesome.

She is a truly inspirational human being. I’m happy and thankful for her guidance and I give my best recommendation for anyone who wants to understand both Human Design and themselves better. Stefi is a natural lightworker and has so much good vibe energy to give. It’s a blessing to have had a session with her. Thank you Stefi"


Lisa Liv Larsson

"I’m so thankful for Stefi’s coaching.
I loved that we explored directly the root cause of my mental blocks with genuine care and compassion.
After the sessions, I felt empowered and calm.

I’ve been able to quiet unhelpful behavioral patterns with love, and take full responsibility for my decisions.
I highly recommend you experience coaching with Stefi, and you can thank me later. 😊"


Panayiota Katsamentidou

If you are ready to deepen the understanding of yourself, increase your self awareness, break free from the patterns that hold you back, ignite your inner leadership/guidance and restore your internal balance 

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