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You are not your patterns

When you feel triggered do you believe that:⁣

"I always react like this when x happens, ⁣this is who I am"?⁣

Example: When a friend confronts me I get angry and defensive, this is who I am and what I always do in these situations.⁣

We identify with the repetitive reactions that we have towards certain situations because of the frequent times that we experience them.⁣

In reality that is not the totality of who ⁣we actually are.⁣

Such repetitive reactions when triggered come from the parts of us that are operating from inner wounds & learned patterns that want to have their needs met, but all they know & are familiar with is to express through the external environment (i.e triggers), as we have not given direct attention to them until now.⁣

Those triggers can be wonderful opportunities for us to observe what these patterns are, which parts of us need our attention and get to know them, as chances are ⁣

we have suppressed or rejected them within us.⁣

In -Your Pattern- you can get an in-depth understanding & access to tools on how you can use triggers for ⁣self-growth & breakthroughs by breaking the patterns, re-wiring your subconscious and expanding beyond them into more inner wholeness and self-love.⁣


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